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20 Best Pizza Toppings Ranked

20 Best Pizza Toppings Ranked


The classic American pizza topping, pepperoni, has become one of America’s most beloved foods. Though a purely American invention, pepperoni dates back to the early 1900s. It has a smoky, slightly spicy flavor, and is usually soft, but when thinly sliced it can get crispy. Though the flavor is similar to salami, pepperoni is distinctly American and remains one of the most popular toppings on a pizza.

While pepperoni is universally delicious and is a traditional pizza topping, there are many other vegetables that make excellent pizza toppings. Bell peppers are a great choice, as they are not too sweet or too crunchy and work well with many ingredients. Zucchini may not be as popular, but its mild flavor blends well with other pizza toppings. Yellow bits of corn are also delicious, and are a great addition to any pizza.

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